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Gravelless Waterproofing Systems

Gravelless Waterproofing Systems in New Jersey

Hydra Stone GL™ is becoming America's most successful basement waterproofing system.  It is designed to be significantly healthier than the older waterproofing systems that make use of gravel, because of its status of being moisture and contaminant free. Gravel waterproofing systems are not these things, and are nowhere near as efficient and as high a quality regarding the type of waterproofing products available for use.

We know that a very important factor to a successful waterproofing system is to maximize the water flow, allowing for quick and easy drainage while still maintaining integrity.  With gravelless waterproofing systems, efficiency and speed are optimized.  An older system that incorporates rocks or stones is much more inefficient, whereas the rocks and stones would be taking up as much space as they occupy.  In situations such as these, there is much less room for the flow of water, creating a slower drainage system and allowing for inefficient (and possibly incapable) basement systems.  However, when it comes to the Hydra Stone Waterproofing systems, the material and design of the product enhances the all-important water flow.  Made from hollow 3/4” polyethylene tubes that are 1” long, these tubes are cylindrical in shape and created in a way that allows for water to easily pass through while still maintaining the same integrity (if not better) that a rock or stone would.

Non-Allergenic & Environmental Friendly

Hydra Stone GL not only eliminates the potential for biological hazards associated with gravel, but also eliminates the moisture content of two to three tons of gravel in each property, proving great for those with allergies. At the same time, it has the potential to increase the water flow in the created trenches by 100%. When the Hydra Stone GL waterproofing system is put in place and tested by a potential threat, the water flow exhibited has been proven, as previously mentioned, to be almost twice as effective as the older, more inefficient rock and stone systems.

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